Friday, April 29, 2011

Adam Stark

Alright, this one is... a deviation from the norm. It's the only one in this entire box that isn't local. Hell, it's not even from the same part of the country.

So, apparently I was... evaluated? It better not have to do with work, I'd just taken my last evaluations less than a week ago. That was just plain strange, really. I guess I'll look into it?

Lately, when I go out for walks, or ride to work, I've been seeing flitting movements out of the corner of my eye. And not, like, birds flying around or animals. It's... I really can't explain it, but it's freaky.

So, back to today's clipping. It's actually really badly-burned, I wouldn't have been able to make it out if Grandad hadn't written what he thinks is the full thing down. Neither of us were able to salvage the city name, though.

"December 12, 2010
[UNKNOWN], Indiana

Local law enforcement has been left boggled by the sudden disappearance of 7-year-old Adam Stark on August 23, 2010. His parents claimed he had gone to the magazine stand to get a magazine as a reward for a week of good behavior, but when he hadn't returned to them when they arrived at the checkout line, they became concerned.

[This next section was marked by Grandad as speculative, because it was so badly-charred]
Other shoppers claim to have seen him walking in something of a daze, and snapped out of it when a young man, suspected to be Damien O'Connor, allegedly tripped him. These shoppers heard about Stark's disappearance, and seemed adamant that O'Connor had kidnapped him.

Police confirmed that O'Connor was a suspect in several unrelated killings, but were unwilling to comment as to whether or not he was a suspect in today's kidnapping.”

Huh. That's a lot more disconcerting than I thought. I stumbled on a website referencing a guy by that name. Must be a hell of a coincidence.

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