Friday, May 20, 2011

Another short absence

I was trying to find a tape player that still works, and then a way to get the recording onto my computer. I ended up having to pay a guy to do it. I did a little looking into it, and it seems that this came from a somewhat-local psychiatric institution in Crownsville, MD.

It's... probably best you listen for yourself:


  1. I remember your first post. I know why you got into this. But why are you still doing it? Now, when it looks like it might get dangerous?

  2. I used to do work as a social worker for the county. Just standing by while there's a child in pain or being stalked, or killed... if I did that, I wouldn't be any better than the sort of monster who would hurt someone who doesn't even understand why.

  3. I like you, AFNP. You're a good person. ;D